Food companies produce approximately 16 Million tonnes food waste within the EU
Often these wastes cannot be reduced anymore, they are caused for logistical and technical reasons
Overproduction of food causes deforestation, climate change, over-fishing


  • The Omnivore system can be scaled according to your company‘s waste output

  • The Omnivore system is placed on the premises of your food company or close-by

  • Food waste is disposed and fed to insect larvae

  • Insect larvae recycle nutrients from food waste

  • We take care of the larvae and plant maintenance


Disposal of food waste is free of charge
Effortless - we take care of the insects
Insect protein saves the rain forest and ocean


  • Your food waste is vegetarian (EU legislation)
  • You produce more than 100 kg food waste per day
  • You have some free space
  • Water and electricity